Who we are and the importance of what we do

TMS Research is a leader in understanding and exploring the business and consumer world We specialise in market research, business intelligence, data analysis and strategy consulting.

TMS Research understands that one of a business's greatest assets is its customers. As an industry leader in exploring the business world we help to equip our clients with the necessary knowledge and tools to help them make informed business decisions. Our services also allow us to gain insight in to customers buying decisions and the thought process behind their choices.

TMS Research specialises in market research and strategy consulting and we believe in delivering exceptional service and quality work to each client. We have been operational since 1997 and consistently deal with blue-chip organisations. With extensive experience in both small and large scale projects we are dedicated to each venture.

We pride ourselves on having an executive team that is personally involved with projects from start to finish.

Market research allows us to gather information in order to try to learn about something that we may not fully understand. While research is crucial to decision making, conducting research the right way ensures solid, valuable results.

Our approach to research

TMS Research Approach